Supplies for Massage Tables

One of the hottest businesses right now to jump into is the massage business. Massage is big, and so is the need for the professional massage therapist to have the latest massage table supplies. The simple fact is that everyone is looking for a way to relax their bodies and mind, and getting a massage is one of the easiest ways to do that. Becoming a massage therapist is fairly easy and only requires a bit of training and some time to achieve. Obviously, the most inexpensive way to make the most from being a massage therapist is to have your own massage business. If you can do it out of your home, you will obviously make the most money because you will have no overhead. But what kind of massage table and supplies will you need if you plan on having a massage business out of your home?

Massage Table Supplies

The Massage Table

One of the most important things, obviously, is a massage table. Choosing massage table supplies that work the best for you is the tricky part. There are dozens of different kinds of massage tables, from those that lay perfectly flat to those that are adjustable to those that require your client to sit up straight. Most first timers choose to use portable massage tables, as these are easy to carry back and forth to class with you. But once you’ve opened up your own massage business, you can graduate from using a portable table to something a bit more stable and permanent.

Stationary Tables

Stationary Massage TableStationary tables are exactly what they sound like: tables that go absolutely nowhere. These can be great for a home business because you can be sure that they will hold any patient at almost any weight. Many of these tables lie completely flat and are not adjustable. Some have a face area cut out, but many are simply flat, heavily padded tables.

Lift tables are the next kind of massage table supplies that you should be looking at, especially if you have had your business going for awhile. They allow you to get your client to the ideal height, reducing the strain on the back and making the client more comfortable as well.

Massage Chairs

If you are looking to give your customers a different experience, or if you plan on making your massage business a traveling one, which tends to do well in the larger cities, then look to getting a portable massage chair. This kind of massage table supplies the perfect situation for you to be able to reach all of the major stress points, especially the back and shoulders. They are much easier to carry around than a massage table. But if you are still in school, check with your instructor to make sure that you are allowed to use a massage chair, as many of them require that you have a massage table.

Supplies for Massage Tables are available in a number of different places, but make sure you do your research before you purchase anything. You do not want to spend more money than you have to, especially when you are starting your own business.

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